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Upland Birds Packages


Sometimes called “winged dynamite” for their explosive sound and speed, these birds are found throughout northern Wisconsin forest landscapes.

Known as the “Ruffed Grouse Capitol of the World”, Price County and Northern Wisconsin boast some of the largest ruffed grouse populations in the nation, making it a favorite spot for upland bird hunters.

In addition to grouse, we also hunt for quail, chukar and woodcock.

We offer upland bird guided hunts with our fully trained bird dogs (English Setters and German Shorthaired Pointers) or your own if you prefer.

We encourage our clients to call ahead a few days before their hunt to learn more about weather conditions, appropriate clothing and footwear.


See some our successful upland bird trips


Below you’ll find our typical uplands bird hunt packages. Custom guided and unguided packages are available. For more information please call 715-332-5670 and ask for Jake. 


Flambeau Forest Outfitters will provide:

· Fully trained guide dogs
· Assistance in finding and booking accommodations
· Transportation to and from lodging
· Lunch in the field  (special dietary can be accomodated)
· Extra ammunition
· Complimentary cleaning, and packaging of birds
· Freezer storage

What to Bring:

· Warm and cold weather clothing and gear for the predicted weather
· Boots (please make sure your boots are broken in and not brand new)
· Rain gear
· 12, 20 or 28 gauge shotgun
· Shotgun shells (6 or 7 ½ high brass)
· Camera
· Additional snacks and beverages

Typical Guide Trip Packages:

· $600.00/day for 2 hunters. Max party size 3 per guide
· $175/day for additional hunter
· 50% deposit down please
· Cash, check or money orders accepted


These are our typical upland bird hunting trips. Looking for something different? Custom guided and unguided packages are available.


For more information and prices please call 715-332-5670 and ask for Jake.