Food Plot Installation

Food plot installation by Flambeau Forrest OutfittersFood plot provides food for animals on private land
Food plots have long been an aid in increasing the visibility of animals on particular properties, specifically for hunting. Having a food source for them 365 days a year ensures the health of the herd by providing proper nutrition. It also keeps the animals living on your property from the day they were born, and gives you a chance of harvesting a real trophy animal.

Although many individuals have attempted to plant food plots, they may have not had the success they thought they would. Perhaps the soil composition was not right for that particular seed? Was there enough fertilizer? Is the food plot in the right area of land for weather and water conditions?

These are all questions that the experts at Flambeau Forest Outfitters can help answer. We specialize in designing and planting food plots for your specific hunting or recreational needs.

Check out some of our food plot installation

We are able to create an entire plot for you, or provide you with seed for you to plant on your own. Different properties and soil call for different types of seed and treatment during all four seasons of the year. Give us a call to find out more.